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Unless you have been six feet under, you have hardly any excuse to have missed Skeleton Hands and their fantastic debut album “Gone” released last year. Skeleton Hands are a “Cold-wave” duo from Cincinnati, Ohio, comprising of Evan Scott Sharfe – (Vocals, Guitar, Programming, Bass Guitar, Synthesizers) and Chase Anderson- (Guitar, Programming, Synthesizers)

While listening to the music produced by Skeleton Hands, you may think you are listening to something originating from vintage contemporaries of New Order and Depeche Mode, rather than being inspired by them. Indeed, While packing the dance floor with their refreshingly “new-wave” beats, the thought that this is a new band is often difficult to fathom.



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Pride (7” Version) 5:33

Vox, Guitar, Programming: Evan Scott Sharfe // Lead Guitar: Chase Anderson 

Produced & Mixed by: Evan Scott Sharfe // Written by: Sharfe/Anderson

Thanks to RACECAR Family, Matthew Cooper, Ellie Herring, Elise Thompson, Kevin Frey, Stephen Boyd, Sarah Francis, Jason Ritter, Sometimes, Little Lights, Holy Beast, Playfully Yours, Ohio Knife, and our fans all around the world.

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Skeleton Hands Live, photo by  Rachel Escoto

Skeleton Hands Live, photo by Rachel Escoto

WHat people are saying

Gone is the culmination of their work so far, wonderfully produced and showcasing the growing songwriting talents of Skeleton Hands as they begin to develop their own more distinct identity. The album makes for an hypnotic listening experience, though it’s still hard to not be reminded of their forefathers/mothers, as the band’s sound also includes fairly apparent dashes of Goth and Synth Pop influence, at times resembling a perfect combination of early Cure, prime New Order and mid-period Depeche Mode. 

Mike Breen / CityBeat

Dark-wave/post-punk/new wave outfit from Ohio. Like a subtle, less pop New Order with a greater emphasis on development, build-up, and harmonious nuance.


Someone with the balls to cover old school Goth. Liking this album. Liking the fact that someone is giving credit where credit is due by simply covering rather than reverse engineering then taking credit. I like honesty. I don’t care how dark and how morbid you may be…you should always at least be honest…. Be it to others or yourself. Loving the classic guitar / 6 string bass line to the Parallels cover of Dry Blood. It is fucking magic. This is how they use to produce dark shit back in the day…on a fucking guitar or bass. Simply as that my bitches.

I vacation in your Hell