Old City

"Inching toward the center of Cincinnati, Ohio’s underrated and burgeoning rock scene, Old City pay homage to the best parts of early 90s alternative music while concurrently playing by their own bass-heavy rules. Emerging out of a solo project from vocalist and guitarist, Sammy McKee, the band eventually grew from one to three, adding both Dave Cupp and Gabriel Molnar. The trio channels the likes of The Pixies and the best of Neil Young while unapologetically ripping through track after track of their past four EPs (The Sun Is My Light, Hot Horse, Freezer Burn & Alas, A Lass), a live album at Cincinnati’s premiere rock n' roll bar, MOTR, and a self-titled full length album. Although this band is only three, their sound is full grown. Old City are currently Cupp (drums), McKee (guitar, vocals), and Shannon McGee (bass)."

Bree Henry

Old City grabbing some goods at Camp Washington Chili

Old City grabbing some goods at Camp Washington Chili

Stubborn Sidewalks, Split 7" with Ohio Knife

Stubborn Sidewalks, Split 7" with Ohio Knife

Old City SPlit 7"

WHBV-003 Stubborn Sidewalks 7"

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Guitar/Voice - Sammy McKee
Drums - Dave Cupp
Bass/Keys/Voice - Gabe Molnar. 

Recorded by Steve Wethington at New Fidelity Studios.
Vinyl track mastered by Mike Montgomery at Candyland Studio.
Digital tracks mastered by Gabe Molnar.

WHat people are saying

"Old City! Their new, self-titled debut album came out mid-August and I probably shouldn't mention how many times I've listened to it. The Post Punk/Rock goods are available on hand-numbered, limited edition vinyl, each pressed on a different color because Sammy McKee, Dave Cupp and all are just that cool. McKee's vocals at times feel like Neil Young screaming at kids to get off his lawn. It's brilliant. The guys teamed up with bassist/artist Robyn Nomadical Roth for the albums side one bass lines (and haunting-as-hell cover art) and The Sweep's Nic Powers stepped in for side two's tracks, but bassist Gabriel Molnar is back in the mix now. Members recently shared with Cincinnati CityBeat, they had plans to record a second album. Why? Presumably because they love us."

Deirdre Kaye / CityBeat

"Gnoshing a tasty burger and sipping a fine barleywine after work one night this summer, I found myself chatting local music scene with Dave Cupp. Some of you may know Dave as the chill bar friend with the great pour; the more fortunate know him as the drummer for Old City. But, if you’re down with the sounds of a solid rock trio, then get to know the latter Dave. It’s a way fun story."

Ryan Schatzman / Cincy Music

"Piece by piece, Old City has come together to become one of Cincinnati’s sonic powerhouses"

Brian Baker / CB